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​Want to spruce up your garden or simply make it more beautiful? Our skilled team is ready to help you achieve exactly what you’re after. In Adelaide’s unique climate, we can lay beautiful instant lawns or create innovative garden designs – whatever you need. We offer loads of services to fit any garden dream you have.

We use local turf and have clever watering systems to show we care about quality and the environment. We can also help with creative touches like lighting, garden borders, and privacy screens, making sure every part of your garden is just right.

We aim to make gardens that look fantastic and are practical and fun to be in. Whether you fancy a formal garden, something with native plants, or even a garden full of things to eat, we have the know-how to make it real. Have a look at all the services we offer below, and let us help you build the garden you’ve always wanted.


We lay Instant Lawn in South Australia, picked to suit Adelaide’s climate. Grown by Lawn Solutions Australia, our quality turf makes a great-looking lawn. Plus, it’s backed by a 10-year LSA warranty, so your lawn’s beauty is ensured.

Plants & Gardens

Need a garden that thrives? We’ll guide you to choose the right plants for your soil and climate. With careful planning, we’ll create an outdoor space that’s not only beautiful but also inviting and full of life.


In Adelaide, our landscaping goes beyond shifting rocks and dirt. We consider your location, soil, upkeep, and water needs to design a garden that’s just right for you, ensuring the best outcome for a thriving and beautiful space.


Garden lighting adds beauty to your home and garden, and makes nighttime strolls safer. It’s perfect for those who love the Australian outdoor lifestyle, enjoying barbecues and outdoor entertaining. It’s not just pretty; it’s practical too!

Screening & Slats

Got something like a water tank to hide in your garden? We can put up screens or slats to block the view but keep it usable. Adding plants in front can turn it into a garden feature, blending beauty with function.

Garden Edging

Setting a barrier between your lawn and garden stops plants and grass from mixing and enhances their look. It also helps keep soil and mulch in place, making it easier to care for both your lawn and garden.

Pathways & Steppers

A garden pathway or stepping stones in your yard can prevent wear, add colour, and create texture. We’re here to design and install a pathway that fits your home and garden, enhancing both practicality and visual appeal.

Low Retaining Walls

We create low retaining walls that blend beauty with function. Perfect for your garden, they hold soil, level sloping land, and ease planting. These walls are more than practical; they’re a charming addition that enhances the appeal of any outdoor area.

Design Services

Need a hand with your new garden’s layout? We’ll provide design and planting ideas, and do the hard work too! Considering your location, soil, maintenance needs, and how you’ll use the garden, we’ll help create the outdoor space of your dreams.

Fire Pit Areas

Want a firepit or water feature in your garden? We’ll handle the tough part. Our skilled team knows how to create the perfect spot for you to chill and enjoy. Just imagine relaxing by your new firepit or water feature!


Native Gardens

Planting native plants has perks like being tough, drought-resistant, and attracting birds. Plus, they look fantastic! Our team can guide you on the best natives for your garden, considering your goals and the soil and climate where you live.

Formal Gardens

Want a formal garden? Our skilled team’s here to help, from the first chat to design, plant choice, and installation. We take care of everything needed to make your formal garden a reality, complementing your home beautifully.

Edible Gardens

Edible gardens let you grow your own veggies, herbs, and fruits. Imagine having fresh produce right in your backyard! Starting an edible garden is a fun adventure and a terrific way to know just where your food’s coming from.

Hedging & Trees

Hedging and trees can shape your garden and add flair. Hedges can be a perfect backdrop, letting bright flowers shine or dividing spaces to make planting more engaging. It’s a simple touch that brings character to your outdoor area.

Garden Beds

Garden beds are special spots for planting flowers or veggies, often raised for better soil control. They can be shaped in various ways to fit your garden’s look, making it easier and more enjoyable to grow what you love.

Raised Veg Gardens

Raised vegetable gardens lift soil above the ground, helping with drainage and easing back strain. If you love fresh veggies, these raised beds are a simple and handy way to garden, making growing your own produce an enjoyable and effective experience.

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