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Instant Lawn Adelaide isn’t just about lawns; we’re specialists in creating breathtaking gardens and outdoor spaces for both new and existing homes. As Qualified Landscape Horticulturists, our expertise allows us to design a garden or lawn that is perfectly suited to your home and your specific requirements. We understand the importance of having a space that’s not only beautiful but also practical, easy to look after, and affordable. Our commitment to these essentials sets us apart, and we take immense pride in delivering a service that caters to these needs. Whether you’re looking to rejuvenate an existing garden or create a brand-new outdoor oasis, our team is here to make your landscaping dreams come to life.

What We Do

Our experienced team in Adelaide is here to help you. We offer a variety of services ranging from installing instant lawns that are specifically chosen to thrive in Adelaide’s climate, to innovative garden designs that cater to your every need. Whether you seek a native haven, a formal garden, or even an edible garden, we’ve got the expertise to make it happen. Our offerings extend to providing creative solutions for lighting, screening, and garden edging, alongside installing irrigation systems for the best possible outcome. From building low retaining walls to designing pathways and fire pit areas, our focus on both aesthetics and functionality ensures that your garden is not only visually stunning but also practical.

By choosing our services, you’re opting for a quality finish, with local materials, sustainable practices, and a comprehensive range of options to make your outdoor space truly inviting and lively. Explore our wide range of services, and let us help you create the garden of your dreams.

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Our Services

Explore our comprehensive selection of landscaping services, offering everything you need to transform your outdoor space into something truly special. Feel free to browse and find the perfect solution for your garden.

Our Team

As an Adelaide owned and operated family company, we understand the value of a beautiful garden. Our pledge is to deliver you a gorgeous garden and the best possible price to ensure your family continues to do what you do. Our qualified tradespeople are experienced in all facets of landscaping and instant lawn installation and to back up our satisfaction guaranteed policy, our designer manages your project from start to finish.

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